US Residents at least 21 years old will be sent the  CBD Jelly Bean Sample.

Apothecary Cynthia Hillson/Precious Oils is a distributor of Spectrum Confections.

“My wife injured herself and found relief from adding CBD to her wellness routine. She inspired me to create a great tasting CBD infused gourmet jelly bean. My life’s goal is to bring a little joy to people, and along the way, something good.”

​Our products have hemp in the isolate form. The CBD is C02 extracted and the THC and other terpenes go through a removal process. This does not mean they all are removed. There still are trace amounts in all CBD. So even if our 3rd party tested lab test states that THC is nondetectable, that doesn’t mean you can’t fail a drug test for THC.

David Klein  a/k/a THE CANDY MAN


Why am I offering a sample of CBD Jelly Beans?  

Reason # 1
Over the last few months, the stress level of Americans is at an all-time high. Many people already use CBD, while others have wanted to try it. 

Reason # 2 
Due to Covid all the events that I had on my calendar got canceled or rescheduled into 2021 and 2022. At these events, I carry many products (teas, essential oils, and CBD)  that can naturally help with stress.  Since there are no events, yet I have inventory, and I believe in helping others any way that I can, I am making this offer.